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Chi siamo. About us.

At the beginning of the eighties we, Ulla and Thierry Besançon decided to create a place in Tuscany where people who love nature and art would feel welcome. We found the ideal project in Casanuova, a three hundred and fifty year old estate with a long history. Originally it was a monastery, then an orphanage and finally the seat of the Counts of Serristori. In small, careful steps we renovated the house, designed gardens and terraces and reactivated the farm. We have made our ideas a reality: our ideas and Casanuova has become a popular destination for individual guests and groups who are looking for a home while on holiday, and who want to find the authentic Tuscany - which nowadays is very hard to find. Casanuova is a place where people meet and talk, a place of activity and of relaxation, of enjoyment and inspiration - a place many guests return to again and again.