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Il vino. 

The vineyards of Locanda Casanuova lie in the rich traditional area of "Valdarno Superiore". The southern slopes overlooking the Arno valley produce a Chianti DOCG "Colli Fiorentini", drawing from the sandy loam soils. The Chianti conjures a tender bouquet of fresh fruit and wild herbs, and goes wonderfully well with the Tuscan cuisine.

    "Tilino" is the name of the second variety of red wine, an I.G.T.(Indicazione Geografica Tipica). This is a table wine, known also as a "Supertuscan". Matured in the barrel, it develops a ruby red colour, with a strong body and strong, individual character. It is drawn from 95% Sangiovese grapes, with 5% Cabernet Sauvignon.

    And to refresh a summer evening on the terrace, there is the Rosato.
Since 2004, we have also offered the Casanuova Grappa, a long standing favourite.