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L'olio d' oliva.

Olive oil is indispensable for the great cuisine of Casanuova, the best of which is produced in our very own olive groves. Casanuova's olive oil is of a tender green colour, fresh and slightly bitter. In accordance with our house motto - simple is best - it tastes best newly pressed on unsalted Tuscan white bread with a little coarse grain salt.

    Our native olive oil "Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva" is produced by 1400 olive trees on the hills around Casanuova. Harvest time only lasts around a fortnight in the middle of November and many volunteers arrive with the harvest. Everything is done by hand, hard work but rewarding as the taste of our oil is beyond compare. The oil is pressed in one of the numerous oil mills in the area. Twelve kilograms of olives need to be harvested to produce 12 litres of purest biological oil. Precious goods indeed!